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I'm digging how this looks and it's obvious you've been practicing over the summer!
The skin looks real good. I also like the soft focus you have to bring peoples eyes to hers.

My only gripe is the shading on the hair looks at odds to that of the face.I think it might be that the soft focus has made you add in more detail to the hair near the face however this has ment that it looks darker than the outer areas. I know you'd expect a bit of edge lighting but it looks like there could do to be some lighter reflective shades where the light is the strongest. I think that might be just above the right brow.

I've had a quick look to find some examples for you. I tried to get as close to the hair style and lighting you went for with these…………

Hope that made sense and that is helps! Also you mentioned the colours looking washed out on your monitor and I'm getting that on my phone too. Maybe have a play with the levels and see?
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laboratorymonkey Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the feedback -- I definitely agree that the hair's shadows look a little bit off. They're not quite deep enough in general I think, and you are right in that what's closer is a bit darker. I think I went a bit crazy on the light-scattering, trying to make the hair reflect blue light so she feels 'there' in the picture.

I sketched out the figure, then used a midtone grey as my base. I did the whole thing monochrome first, then used layers on Colour to colourize it essentially and add a few details. I didn't really do the hair at the same time as everything else, and I also wasn't sure what it'd look like in monochrome being so light... I should've used more reference!

Good to know it looks a little wimpy on other devices. I'll futz with the levels and see what I can't do.
Thanks again. :) I have been practising. Always!
MDPenman Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2014  Professional Artist
I've got a great guy in for your digital painting lessons this year who has a cool method of colorising monochrome images so they done appear washed out. I reckon you'll find his lessons really useful!
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